About the ARWE International Forum on Renewable Energy


The ARWE International Forum on Renewable Energy (referred to here as the Forum, or ARWE-2022) is the largest B2B platform in the field of renewable energy created to foster communication, to establish various types of cooperation, to increase the level of social responsibility of business, and to promote “eco-friendly” thinking among the wider population.

The main goal of the Forum is to promote development of the renewable energy market in Russia by developing solutions for optimal interaction within the framework of localization programs between the industry’s suppliers and key customers, as well as popularizing the topic and fostering a more conservationist and “efficient” attitude towards nature among the public.

The Forum is being organized by the Roscongress Foundation together with the Government of the Rostov Region and the Renewable Energy Development Association.

The Forum will include a congress, an exhibition of the latest renewable energy technologies and a technical tour to production facilities in the Rostov Region for executives and representatives of companies.

A distinctive feature of ARWE-2022 will be the “Feel the energy of nature” festival. The event will be organized for residents of the Rostov Region in the format of a big city holiday. The festival will provide an opportunity to demonstrate renewable energy sources to the public and raise awareness of energy-efficient technologies.


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ARWE Speakers 2019
Sergey Morozov

Governor of Ulyanovsk Region

Igor Bryzgunov

Chairman of Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI)

Andrey Redkin

CEO Altren LLC

Kimal Yusupov

Director General of Vestas RUS LLC, Vestas Manufacturing RUS LLC

Oleg Bochkaryov

Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation

Pavel Smirnov-Nebosklonov

Director of Insurance of Renewable Energy of JSC IC Allianz

The Ulyanovsk Region can be rightly considered a place, where an industry appeared, which was a novelty for Russia. We will continue working to promote renewable energy

Sergey Morozov Governor of Ulyanovsk Region

Active development of RES sectors ensures the investments inflow, which in turn results in new technological competencies in the country. Further market development will be enabled by holding B2B venues, such as the Supplier Forum

Vasily Osmakov Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

The new industry requires a larger number of players. ARWE is a venue where future partners can meet

Igor Bryzgunov Chairman of Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI)

Rapid development of RES creates a basis and provides additional advantages for a steady growth of the economy, both on the global and national levels. "Green" energy is a driver to expand horizons of international relations in field of innovations, financial markets, and technological development. Combined with an exhibition of the most advanced technological solutions for RES projects, the ARWE 2019 Forum will become a unique discussion venue for leading experts and other participants of the industry.

Alexey Zhikharev Director of the Renewable Energy Development Association, partner of VYGON Consulting

The RES industry in Russia today is not about future projects; it’s about those that have already been implemented and carry lots of potential. We see the wind energy sector development leading to investments into related industries, such as composite materials, metallurgy, and others. It is important that RES does not include production only, it also means education, the future of our children

Kimal Yusupov Director General of Vestas RUS LLC, Vestas Manufacturing RUS LLC

Ulyanovsk Region has been selected as the hosting region of the event for a reason. Ulyanovsk Region has been the leader in the sphere of developing renewable energy sources. And I do not mean just the new capacities that are launched every year. The ceremonial opening of the second stage of the Ulyanovsk WPS with the capacity of 50 MW has been dedicated to the opening of the Forum. In the next several years another six wind energy parks with the total capacity of more than 200 MW will be added.

Alexey Teksler Acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region
Alexey Teksler

RES is one of the fastest growing new industries in Russia. Being one of the world leaders in RES insurance Allianz consider this Forum the great opportunity to share the experience with the participants of the young Russian RES market, and particulary about the risks they may face in the implementation of their projects, as well as to talk about the mechanisms of protection and insurance against various threats and losses

Pavel Smirnov-Skyscrapers The Director of insurance of renewable energy sources of JSC IC "Alliance»
Services For Participants


International cooperation expansion, technology transfer, investments attraction


Assistance in the renewable energy sector development and experience exchange 


Cutting-edge products presentation on the venue of about 1,000 square meters


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