Allianz Insurance Company is to Present Advanced Global Practices of RES Insurance at ARWE 2019

04/05/2019 - 11:18

Allianz, a leading European insurance carrier, will offer a seminar on RES Project Insurance within the framework of the ARWE 2019 International Forum on Renewable Energy. Pavel Smirnov-Nebosklonov, Director for insurance of renewable energy sources of JSC Allianz Insurance Company and Board Member of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry, will talk about advanced global practices of RES insurance as a fundamental tool of risk management for such complicated projects as wind and solar plants. The aid of insurance will be demonstrated with cases during the seminar, including insurance coverage of loss of profit in case of delay in start-up. Also, Allianz will present a unique product of natural risk insurance against insufficient wind or sun.
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