Altren Company has become an exclusive Russian representative of Freqcon Company (Germany), the supplier of solutions and components for wind parks

05/27/2019 - 10:22

Altren, an affiliate company of ULNANOTECH Nanocenter of Ulyanovsk and Freqcon Company (Germany) signed an agreement on joint promotion and sale of comprehensive Freqcon solutions for isolated territories, systems of managing energy accumulators and converters for wind energy parks in Russia. According to the agreement, Altren will be distributing Freqcon solutions, and this will help further develop the wind energy across Ulyanovsk Region and Russia.

The agreement was signed by Andrey Redkin, General Director of Altren LLC, and Andrej Fritz, Deputy General Director of Freqcon. The signing took place on May 23 in Ulyanovsk at ARWE 2019 International Forum of Renewable Energy.

In the future, the companies plan to continue the program of localization of production for the wind energy industry in Ulyanovsk Region and create a joint venture for the assembly of converters, inverters and other equipment for wind power plants, designed by Freqcon. 

"Freqcon is one of the leading engineering companies in Europe within its narrow specialization. Cooperating with this company will help us solve various engineering issues that we cannot resolve with use of our own capabilities. In particular, we are working on solutions for isolated remote energy systems, and can use the help of Freqcon staff to provide comprehensive solutions, which include wind generation, solar generation, diesel generation, managing systems and systems for storing the energy. We also cooperate in jointly searching for companies interested in localizing components for wind turbines. We are very hopeful that in the end our cooperation will lead to joint production and a common engineering company, which will assist Russian specialists in solving such issues in Russia," general director of Altren LLC Andrey Redkin said about the event.

Norbert Hennchen, General Director of Freqcon, said that renewable energy in Russia has a great potential and cooperation in this sector is quite promising. "We are hopeful that our cooperation with Altren will help us expedite development of green energy in Russia and will be mutually beneficial," Mr. Hennchen said.