Association of innovative regions of Russia (AIRR) is 16 the most innovative constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The list of the Association’s members includes: Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Mordovia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Republic of Tatarstan, Altai Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Perm Territory, Irkutsk region, Kaluga region, Lipetsk region, Novgorod region, Novosibirsk region, Samara region, Tomsk region, Tyumen region, Ulyanovsk region. The aim of the Association is to promote economic cooperation between regions - members of the Association that was built on the integrated representation of their interests at the interregional, federal, international levels.

Exhibition portal

The exhibition portal provides information and services in the field of exhibition activities in Russia and abroad. Our experience allows us to offer our clients the most efficient ways to promote their products and services, to search for new markets and suppliers. We help hundreds of companies every year to increase turnover and to find new business partners. The portal contains a catalog of major trade shows and conferences in more than 100 industries, as well as information about venues and industry organizations all over the world. – new opportunities for your business.

Russian Business Guide

Russian Business Guide is the only business guide of Russia abroad, the magazine is published by Business-Dialog Media with the support of the CCI of Russia.
The magazine is published in two languages – Russian and English. It is distributed through the CCI system and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including embassies, trade missions of Russia abroad, foreign trade missions in Russia. The magazine is also addressed to subscribers, enterprises, federal agencies, governors of Russian regions, public business associations, business councils and other bodies.
The magazine is published in accordance with the plan of major economic, sectoral international and interregional forums, having a corresponding scale distribution within them.
Since 2017 the magazine has expanded the distribution map and has gained a new, up-to-date format.
A professional editorial board and an expert community are involved in the work on the publication.
The goal of the magazine is to build up promising business cooperation between Russia and foreign countries, support exporting enterprises, present Russia's investment potential at the international level, and enable foreign companies to assert themselves on the Russian market.

The international scientific journal "Geliotekhnika"

The international scientific journal "Geliotekhnika" ( was founded in 1965 by the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and is published by the Physical-Technical Institute NGO "Physics-Sun" of ASUz in Russian and also in English under the name "Applied Solar Energy" ( The journal is Scopus indexed.
It publishes original scientific articles (Full Articles), short communications and reviews (Review paper/perspectives) in all major areas of solar energy research and development.
It also practices publication of special issues and reviews focused on individual scientific and technical problems in the journal's field of concern, proceedings of international congresses, symposia and conferences.

The Renewable Energy Development Association

The Renewable Energy Development Association (REDA) was established upon the initiative of the largest RES companies in the Russian Federation.  RUSNANO MC, NovaWind JSC (Rosatom Group), Hevel Group, Solar Systems, Vestas RUS, Vershina Development and other companies are already members of the Association.
The main objectives of the REDA for the near future include works on extensions of state support measures for RES for 2025-2035; improvement of regulatory documents in field of construction and operation of RES generation facilities; attraction of investments to the industry; extension of technological cooperation through deeper localization of RES equipment; development of human resource, scientific and technological potential of the RES industry.


Shell is an international energy company that aims to meet the world’s growing need for more and cleaner energy solutions in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.  

Shell companies have operations in more than 70 countries and territories with businesses including oil and gas exploration and production; production and marketing of liquefied natural gas and gas to liquids; manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals and renewable energy.

Shell’s projects in Russia include the development of oil and gas fields offshore Sakhalin Island and oil fields in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, a lubricants plant in Torzhok in Tverskaya Oblast, development and operation of a Shell branded retail network and other businesses.



Allianz Group is one of the largest financial and insurance providers in the world and is one of the nine global systemically important insurers.

Founded in 1890 in Munich, nowadays Allianz is one of the leading companies in the insurance and financial services market.

The company is represented in Russia since 1990.

Financial stability and reliability of Allianz Group companies are confirmed by the largest international and Russian rating agencies. In June 2018, the international Agency Fitch Ratings confirmed the financial stability rating of IC "Allianz" at the level "BBB-" with "positive" forecast, which is the maximum possible rating for Russian companies.

Thanks to the highest quality standards through the years of work at the Russian market the name Allianz has become synonymous with reliability and guarantees of fulfillment of its obligations for thousands of Russian and international customers.

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is a world technological leader in wind energy. During 35 years of work we deployed off-shore wind turbines with a capacity of more than 90 GW in more than 70 countries of the world. We implement turn-key projects: we design, produce and mount offshore and onshore wind turbines and provide advanced maintenance. Our goal is to provide better technical solutions for every project and reduce a levelized cost of electricity to increase long-term profitability.



ALTENEX.RU – Independent web resource about renewable power and energy efficiency. News of the industry of RES in Russia and the world, technological novelties, actions, articles, reviews, experts, comments, video content, documents, business etc.

Automation & IT in Power Engineering

Automation & IT in Power Engineering is a professional scientific and technical quarterly journal for professionals in the energy sector looking for objective analysis of the role of automation in power engineering, as well as for those who are interested in the newest achievements in automation and IT. The journal’s timely, reliable, and independent information helps maintain an ongoing dialogue between power engineering specialists and IT and automation professionals. The journal serves as a guidebook to the multitude of domestic and foreign firms working in Russia in IT and automation in the energy sector, to product nomenclature, and to new technological solutions and concepts. The publication is also of interest to end users – specialists working in enterprises in the energy sector.

The journal is part of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), subscription, open access.

Business FM Radio

Business FM Radio

Business FM – Russia’s first business radio station.

Broadcasting in Moscow at the frequency 87.5 FM 
St. Petersburg – 107.4 FM 
Ufa – 107.5 FM 
Kaliningrad – 101.8 FM 
Ekaterinburg – 99.4 FM 
Krasnoyarsk – 104.2 FM 
Сhelyabinsk – 100.8 FM 
Nignii Novgorod – 107.8 FM 
Novosibirsk – 105.7 FM 
Samara – 90.6 FM 
Kazan – 93.5 FM

Business FM provides an exclusive product for a small segment of the general public but the most active and influential one, which in minutes must have the full spectrum of information about money. Business FM is a member company of the RUMEDIA group of companies.

Business review

"Business review" was born in 1997. 

Today "Business review" tells about enterprising people and dynamic companies in the region, focusing on readers-entrepreneurs, top managers and specialists of companies interested in business development and personal professional growth.

The publication publishes analytical studies, in-depth expert assessments on topical issues in production, business and Finance. The authors of our publications are not only journalists, but also company managers, economists, marketers, professional consultants in tax legislation and various areas of company management.

Clean Energo web-portal

Clean Energo web-portal

It’s the first web-portal dedicated to renewable energy sources in Russia and abroad in the Russian language.

It is an undisputable fact that interest to alternative energy sources has grown rapidly during the recent years. At the same time the amount of information providing a clearer understanding of the state of the industry is increasing tremendously. Clean Energo web-portal provides its subscribers an opportunity to get the most recent and most extensive information about RES.

The extensive database of the Clean Energo web-portal includes a detailed list of businesses that supply and produce devices for RES. A notice board is available for better convenience of subscribers, where proposals of companies and private individuals involved in field of renewable energy are placed. The portal also includes a comprehensive library of scientific publications on solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, bioenergy, geothermal energy and other kinds of renewable energy sources. The selection of publications is replenished regularly.

Control Engineering Russia

Control Engineering Russia covers the automation market, which designs, implements, maintains, and manages control/instrumentation systems, components, and equipment in manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries such as: Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Electric Utilities, Metals & Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Semiconductor, Paper Products, Automotive, Aerospace, Appliances, Electrical/Electronics, OEM, Production, Machinery.

Discover New Russia! (HELPINVER.COM) international portal

The main goal of HELPINVER – Discover New Russia! (HELPINVER.COM) international portal is to demonstrate and promote the positive image on Russia.

It presents Russia as a developed scientific, industrial, cultural, sport and tourist center; seized additional opportunities in establishing international contacts and networks; helps attract both Russian and foreign investors and partners; promotes ideas of social responsibility of business and instills patriotism.

The portal presents managers and organizations that seek to change the perception of Russia in the world. The goal is to use concrete examples to show real Russia, its needs and capabilities. Participants of the project include constituent territories of the Russian Federation, hundreds of municipal entities (municipal districts and urban districts), organizations from various sectors and individual entrepreneurs. We believe that every Russian citizen will be proud of their country in the near future. This feeling, however, must be based on the citizens’ knowledge of the country, its regions and organizations.

We would like to invite managers who are interested in developing their organizations in Russia to become participants of our portal and tell us about activities of your organization., LLC

«» company is a leading information agency which has worked for 17 years; it is an expert in the field of display and contextual advertising, creating professional and effective advertising campaigns for representatives of electrotechnical industry. The range of information resources of the agency includes the internet portal and the printed publication «Electrotechnical market».

IA «» provides current news and a chronicle of events in the industry, creating essential textual content, video- and photo-content, promoting in social networks, a proper use of possibilities and potential of search engines, respect to partners’ interests and a friendly team of professionals.

182101, Russia, Pskov Region, Velikie Luki, Gagarina St., 95 «А»
Tel./fax: +7 (495) 587-40-90 

Electrical Technology market

Industry trade magazine provides topical information about electrotechnical industry, articles, market reviews and directory of the companies of electrotechnical market. The biggest circulation in industry.

Electricheskie Stantsii, journal

Electricheskie Stantsii, journal

The monthly industrial and technical journal (Power Plants)

Published since January of 1930.

The journal intend for chief executive officers and project managers, engineers, and energy specialists representing   generation companies, hydro power plants, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, thermal networks, divisions and branches of system operator of the United Power System and of the Federal Grid Company  of  United Energy System, electro technical engineering plants, research and design institutes for energy, as well as professors and university students.

The Journal covers not only the problems directly related to the operation of power stations, but considers the whole set problems pertaining to production, distribution and transportation of electric and heat  energy. – information on energy efficiency and digital projects in energy sector, industry, utilities, cities.

For professionals, decision-makers, managers and entrepreneurs, residential sector.

News, reports, analytics, expert comments and special columns.

Knowledge base – resource-at-hand for those making projects – how-to, cases, help for municipalities.



"ENERGOSOVET" is a specialized information Internet portal, which provides information on existing technologies aimed at improving the processes of production, transmission and consumption of fuel and energy resources in order to reduce their consumption. On the portal are published new technical, technological, economic and regulatory developments on efficient use of energy resources and energy efficiency in the energy sector, housing and communal services and construction, expert assessment and opinion on the processes and developments relating to energy saving. Regularly published thematic issues of the electronic journal on the most relevant topics.

ENERGTIK, journal

ENERGTIK, journal

The monthly industrial and technical journal (Power Plants).
Published since of 1928.
Journal covers various practical aspects of organizational, operational and corrective maintenance services for the power enterprises and associations, experience of their economic and market activity, scientific and technical achievements and social problems of power industry.
Included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications of the higher attestation commission.
Issues two appendices: «Library of the electrician» and «Power abroad».

Energy Bulletin

Energy Bulletin is a periodical issued by ISEDC in cooperation with UNESCO, which serves as a complementary source of information on sustainable energy development and issues like climate change, RES, energy education, etc. Energy Bulletin is published twice a year in English and Russian languages.

Energy Conservation Journal

Energy Conservation is a professional journal aimed at two target audiences: consumers and producers of energy efficient equipment and technologies. It is an effective tool for sharing information on companies involved in the production, delivery, installation, and implementation of energy and resource efficient equipment, progressive energy conservation decisions, and all products tied to energy conservation.

The journal:

  • covers federal and regional energy conservation programmes; 

  • focused on the practical application of concrete technological solutions; 

  • features information on all of the newest energy efficient equipment; 

  • draws on global experience; 

  • presents up-to-date information about high-profile exhibitions, conferences, and seminars.

Energy Expert

EnergoExpert is an information and analytical magazine for specialists in the field of electric power industry and electrical engineering. It is being published by "Vsya Elektrotekhnika" Publishing House since April 2007. The magazine is printed with a circulation of 10,000 copies. With the capacity of 100+ pages, it is published in A4 format 6 times a year. It is distributed by subscription, by means of personalized address mailing to business executives and key specialists (up to 80% of the circulation), at specialized exhibitions, conferences and forums in the territory of the Russian Federation. Owing to the extensive target audience of the magazine, many companies are able to find new partners and expand the range of their customers.

Hevel Group

Hevel Group is Russia's biggest integrated company in photovoltaics.  The company comprises a production unit (the solar module production factory in Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic), the development unit (design and construction of solar power plants, with a portfolio of next years' projects for the capacity of more than 434 MW) and the R&D Center for Thin-Film Technologies in Energetics (Saint-Petersburg), the only specialized research and development center for photovoltaics in Russia.


FUCHS is a global Group with German roots that has developed, produced and sold lubricants and related specialties for more than 85 years – for virtually all areas of application and sectors. With 58 companies and more than 5,000 employees worldwide, the FUCHS Group is the leading independent supplier of lubricants.

The FUCHS product program comprises more than 10,000 products and related services in six key categories:

•  Automotive Lubricants

•  Industrial Lubricants

•  Lubricating Greases

•  Metal Processing Lubricants

•  Special Application Lubricants

•  Services

FUCHS has more than 100,000 customers from the following industries: automotive suppliers, OEM, mining and exploration, metalworking, agriculture and forestry, aerospace, power generation, mechanical engineering, construction and transport, steel, metal and cement industries, food, glass production, casting, forging industry and many others.

In close contact with its customers, FUCHS develops holistic, innovative and custom-made solutions for the most diverse applications. As a lubricant manufacturer, FUCHS stands for performance and sustainability, safety, reliability, efficiency and cost savings. FUCHS represents a promise: technology that pays back.

FUCHS has the expertise to solve all lubrication-based challenges faced by wind turbine manufacturers, drive component manufacturers and also wind farm operators. No matter what lubrication tasks need to be performed in a wind turbine, FUCHS can provide exactly the right lubricant.

FUCHS offers a broad product portfolio of special lubricants for all wind power applications. Many approvals of turbine, gearbox and bearing manufacturers as well as suppliers of filtering systems prove the high performance and quality of our products.

September 19, 2013 in Kaluga, the official opening of a new modern FUCHS plant took place. The company, which meets the highest standards in the field of product quality, occupational safety and ecology, has been producing a wide range of motor transport lubricants (motor oils, transmission oils, shock absorber fluids) and industrial applications (hydraulic oils, Cooling means for cutting and grinding metals, compressor oils, etc.).

In Priority business magazine

Business magazine "In Priority" is an information platform that unites the offline edition, online channels and public relations, about important industry events, technologies, the implementation of the largest investment projects in the oil and gas sector, energy, metallurgy, machine building, chemical industry, road building and other branches of the economy.

"In Priority" is a comprehensive approach to cover opportunities and promoting the company to make the right choice! The choice is in your favor!

Industrial Weekly

Industrial Weekly has been in circulation since 2002 and has become a multi-purpose inter-industry platform for Russian industrialists and government representatives. It is circulated all over Russia. The aim of the edition is to present most promising projects and potentials of the Russian industry and energy sector in the national and international markets. Extends across all Russia. Subscription index: П7282 through the website of the «Russian Post». Email subscription. version :

Joint-Stock Company "Science-Technical Firm "ENERGOPROGRESS"

JSC STC "Energoprogress" is a well-known publishing house, the oldest branch of scientific-technical and production journals "Energetik", "Elektricheskie  stantsii" (Power Plants), "Hydrotechnical construction", "Industrial Power Engineering" and information-analytical magazine "News in electric power industry", as well as a significant number of scientific and technical books and monographs, including the only in Russia and the world Electrotechnical encyclopedia in 4 volumes.

Magazine and media site Straightforwardly about shipbuilding.

Magazine and media site Straightforwardly about shipbuilding.


198035, Russia, St.Petersburg, Gapsalskaya street, 5, room 713 / +7(812)458-44-52,

Professional magazine and media site covers the events in the sector of shipping, shipbuilding and all the connected aspects: from maritime business to ocean and shelf development. The audience of portal is wide: shipbuilders, shipowners, workers of educational organizations, port workers, manufacturers of marine equipment and people who are interested in maritime matters. was launched in 2002. Four times a year it puts out a full-colour 100 pages long journal. Every month the web-site is visited by more than 15 000 people.

Magazine «Engineer and industrialist today»

Purpose of publication – propagation of achievements of domestic science and industry, high technologies, the promotion of their use in the real sector of economy of the Russian Federation, the dissemination of professional knowledge; information support of business activity and the prestige of the emerging domestic high-tech companies, the management staff, scientists, major Industrialists of the Russian Federation; informing of competitive science-intensive products and services of domestic enterprises for their promotion to the markets of Russia and other countries.     

Russia, 109382, Moscow, street Mariupolskaya, b.6, of. 30

Тел.: +7 (499) 390-91-05

Факс: +7 (499) 390-91-05

Magazine “TECHSOVET premium”

Magazine “TECHSOVET premium”

The industrial magazine “TECHSOVET premium”  - specialists for specialists

covers technologies, equipment,materials and services applicable to various industries. It’s mission is to help companies in their search for business partners.


Full-color monthly magazine. 15 years on the market Circulation: 12 000 copies, volume of 48-110 pages. It tells about technologies, machines and equipment, materials, services of industrial services. The problems are considered in terms of novelty, relevance and efficiency. The main task is to help companies in choosing products, services, reliable business partners. Categories: oil and Gas complex, industrial Area, special Equipment, Construction, Energy. Spread across Russia with a focus on large industrial centers.

MetallTrade magazine

«MetallTrade» is a periodic advertising-information magazine for professionals of industrial supply and the sale. The magazine leaves in circulation of 7000 copies 2 times in month and has site where we publish the latest news in sphere of the Russian and world iron and steel industry and also news of our partners. Agency

Since 2000, the Agency has been a leader in the informational market of the fuel and energy sector.

The website www.Neftegaz.RU is a business publication for representatives of the oil and gas and petrochemical industry. It is visited by half a million people a month and occupies first place in independent ratings.

The magazine publishes the latest information, news, and analysis. Its database consists of over 30,000 enterprises, 151,000 products, a technical library, photobank, and biographies in both Russian and English.

Neftegaz.RU Magazine is a fuel and energy sector magazine, published on a monthly basis with a circulation of 8,000.

Oboronno-Promyshlenny Potentsial Journal (“Defense and Industrial Potential”)

Oboronno-Promyshlenny Potentsial Journal (“Defense and Industrial Potential”)

Dedicated to a broad range of military industry and defense sector problems.

The journal consists of thematic sections:

• Height – air defense, space, aviation enterprises and design bureaus

• Fleet – shipbuilding, navy, naval enterprises, plants, and shipbuilding facilities

• Army – technology, artillery, weapon and ammunition. Information security. Systems and means for communication and emergency communication systems

• Industry – interdepartmental ties, double purpose technologies

• Emergency Management – prevention and mitigation of emergencies, emergency and survival equipment

• Military education and service

• Gear. Special clothing. Means of protection


The journal is published in the Russian language. Publication volume – 52+ pages, size 205x265, circulation 12,000 copies, most of which (60%) are distributed at thematic events. The rest of copies are mailed to various departments, organizations and subscribers.

Power and Industry of Russia

Leading newspaper for the power industry sector of Russia

Published since: 2000

Frequency: Twice per month

Format: A3; circulation: 26,000; pages: 50-60

Distributed throughout the Russian Federation

The Expert Council of the newspaper brings together the heads and specialists of industrial companies in different fields, government, research and project offices.

Free and open access to all information in the portal


This is an official research and practice publication of Non-Profit Partnership for Promotion of Development of Relay Protection and Automation in Electrical Energy Sector (NP SRZAU). The Editorial Board includes 12 Doctors of Engineering Science and 7 Ph.Ds in Engineering Science. The journal is included in the List of Reviewed Science Journals and Publications of the Higher Attestation Commission.

In the SCIENCE section results of fundamental and applied researches in field of development and operation of relay protection systems and devices, automation and APCS devices are covered.

In the PRACTICE section articles on new technical solutions are published, principles of design and operation of devices and systems are thoroughly observed, results of trial performance of new solution are presented.

In the HISTORY section articles on history of establishment and development of Russian relay manufacturing are published.

The journal’s target audience includes specialists in field of development, production, engineering and maintenance of RPA, PA and APCS systems, scientists, university faculty and graduate postgraduates.


Magazine S.O.K. — Santekhnika. Otoplenie. Konditsionierovanie. Energosberezhenie — monthly magazine provides its readers with reviews of new technologies and products in HVAC market. Information presented by the magazine is useful for both professionals and amateur readers. Water heaters, boilers and water treatment equipment, ventilation, air conditioning systems, renewable energy equipment and energy saving technologies, engineering systems and  construction of objects of civil and industrial purpose.

The founder and publisher: Russia, Moscow.
Print run: 15000 copies, periodicity: monthly, publishing date: 2002 year.



A science and technology journal Silovoe i Energeticheskoe Oborudovanie. Avtonomnye Sistemy (Power and Energy Engineering: Autonomous Systems) covers the current best practices in design, production, and maintenance of power equipment, power engineering and related directions in science.
Its target audience includes scholars, engineers, representatives of the real economy sector. The magazine is published under the auspices of the Association of Manufacturers of Power and Energy Engineering.
The Association is the integrator of enterprises on the energy market in the R&D sphere and the sphere of developing innovative technical solutions for effective energy supply in various Russian regions.


Established in 1904, TASS is Russia’s state-run news agency.

TASS offers its subscribers a wide range of news services in both Russian and English. The news agency generates more than 1,500 news items and 500 photographs a day, thus producing an integral and unbiased picture of events from around the globe. TASS Photo Archive contains two million photographs and its database has over 10 million documents.

TASS’ special projects and infographics have repeatedly earned national and international awards.

The news agency’s press-centres operate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Pyatigorsk. Every year, TASS holds over 1,000 various events on its own platforms, as well as within major forums in Russia and around the globe.

TASS is a member of international and regional mass media organizations and maintains partnerships with more than 100 news agencies throughout the world.

TASS’ 1,800 employees in Russia and abroad keep the agency going in real time.

Teploenergetika (Thermal Engineering) Journal

Teploenergetika (Thermal Engineering) Journal

Teploenergetika is a monthly publication of theoretical and scientific and practical articles, with the Russian Academy of Sciences as a co-founder.

The journal is also published in English on a monthly basis under the title Thermal Engineering. It covers results of researches in fields related to thermal power and practically every most relevant issue in field of thermal and nuclear power.

Teploenergetika is included in the Scopus database of bibliographies and scientific abstracts; it is also in the list of the most popular peer-reviewed scientific journals in Russia. The journal ranks first according to the Science Index rating among periodicals dedicated to energy.

The Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation

The Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation provides information, analytical and expert support to the Government on key socio-economic development issues.

The competencies of Analytical Center experts include digital transformation, Big Data, industrial policy, transport infrastructure, finance, energy, agriculture, transport, information technologies, strategic planning, project management, regional development, labor relations, education, healthcare, energy efficiency and many others.

Address: Moscow, Akademika Sakharova prospect, 12

Tel.: +7 (495) 632-9796

Fax: +7 (495) 632-9734

The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs

The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs was founded during the reorganization of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies. It stimulates nanotechnology infrastructure building to support innovation in the country. The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs primarily focuses its activity in these areas:

  • Formation of infrastructure for nanotechnology

  • Development of human resources for the nanoindustry

  • Market development for nanotechnology products

  • Improvement of the legislative framework for innovation

  • Standardization and certification of nanoproducts and evaluation of their safety

  • Refinements in metrology

  • Popularization of nanotechnology and nano-enabled products.

The highest governing body of the fund is its Supervisory Council, which is chaired by Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Alexey Ponomarev. In accordance with the charter of the fund, the council determines priorities for its activities, establishes its strategies, and sets its budget.

The Management Committee is the fund’s collegial executive body. It is chaired by RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubais. Andrey Svinarenko is CEO of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.

The International magazine «Business Russia: industry

The International magazine «Business Russia: industry

International magazine "Business Russia: industry, transport, social life" covers a broad range of economic issues. It is an information platform for active and successful participants of the market. Among our readers are founders and managers of Russian companies and enterprises, heads of power structures. Magazine is published with circulation of 20 000 copies distributed directly by mail and represented at specialized exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Tochka opory, magazine

ALMEGA publishes business magazine FULCRUM. The major thematic issues of which are dedicated to the questions of power engineering, oil and gas complex, construction industry, security, housing and communal services and others. The magazine informs about industry’s important events, new production, innovations, contains reviews, feature-stories, interviews. It is distributed by the means of subscription, direct mail and at the biggest exhibitions and shows of Moscow.

TOTALEXPO.RU – is the most Complete, Practical and Reliable Free Web Source dedicated to key Exhibitions & Trade Shows Worldwide. Featuring a classification of 40 Activity Topics, TotalExpo purpose is to cover major Trade Exhibitions all over the planet. We also provide you with all necessary assistance if you wish to visit or take part in a trade show or exhibition (including airline tickets, hotels, transfers, visa services, event space, etc.). is your reliable partner and gateway to the Russian trade fair market.

Unified Grid Energy

The journal Unified Grid Energy is intended for specialists, electric power grid engineers and technical staff, research institute and design organization research staff, teachers and students in energy and technical universities, employees of the Ministry of Energy and relevant agencies.
The journal Unified Grid Energy presents the results of research on the current problems in the electricity industry: the issues of electrical grid operations, development and introduction of new equipment, scientific and technical policies and strategies for the development of the electric power industry, construction of power grid infrastructure, ensuring the reliability of the Russian UES, connection of renewable sources Energy to UNEG, and much more.
The aims and objectives of the scientific and technical journal Unified Grid Energy are the following: satisfying informational demand and consolidating information on the research, development and implementation of the most advanced technologies, materials, and equipment in the power grid industry.


Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions. We design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe, and with 101 GW of wind turbines in 80 countries, we have installed more wind power than anyone else.

Through our industry-leading smart data capabilities and 86 GW of wind turbines under service, we use data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver best-in-class wind power solutions. Together with our customers, Vestas’ more than 24,600 employees are bringing the world sustainable energy solutions to power a bright future.

Volga News, media site

Media site "Volga News" is one of the biggest information portals in Volga Region.
The goal of our team is to report about the main news of Volga Region in a high quality on time without rumours and fakes - only verified information.
This principal allows us to have high indexlinking in search systems. For example Yandex X - 3100 and Google PR 6.
People from different big cities are reading our Media Site. From Samara, Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ulianovsk, Ufa, Perm, Orenburg, Saratov, Saransk and also in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
We produce different media projects. "Fuel & Energy Complex"  is among them. In 2016 this project win the main prize of Russian Federation - "MediaFEC"  as the best regional project. 

World Expo

World Expo

Leading business resource in Ukraine, which contains a description of events around the world: exhibitions, conferences, seminars, business trainings, etc. Organizing business trips, providing a full range of services: accommodation, transportation services, car rental, translation services, registration for the exhibition from an indication of all points of interest to you.

«Business of Russia. The main industrial portal of the country»

«Business of Russia. The main industrial portal of the country»

Media «Business of Russia» is a unique online platform that unites all the most important, relevant and useful information on the functioning of key sectors of the Russian economy, effective business management strategies , investment projects. The focus of the website – oil and gas, power and industrial complex. The readers – entrepreneurs, investors, managers – all those who not only wants to receive timely accurate information about the business, but he creates a new economic reality.

Автомобильная группа "МОТОМ"

Информация о партнере будет обновлена в ближайшее время.