The ARWE 2022 Forum will become the main platform for green energy

Speaking at a plenary session at the Russian Energy Week (REN), President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced the country's plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. This goal clearly illustrates the scale of the evolution that renewable energy sources (RES) should make in the next few years.

The catalyst for the qualitative development of renewable energy will be the International Forum "Renewable Energy" (ARWE 2022), which will be held on May 18-21 in Rostov-on-Don. A large-scale event with the active participation of the state, regions and business seems to be a promising platform for developing bold decisions, exchanging experience, discussions and establishing partnerships.

This became known during the briefing "What will be the main platform of green energy in 2022", which took place at the REN site on Thursday, October 14.

The event was attended by Pavel Snikkars, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Igor Sorokin, Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region, Alexey Kulapin, Director General of the Russian Energy Agency of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, Vladimir Zatynaiko, Project Manager of the Roscongress Foundation, and Alexey Zhikharev, Director of the Renewable Energy Development Association.

"In the light of the global energy transition, much attention is now being paid to the prospects of renewable energy. The development of this direction in Russia is indicated by the results of commissioning of power plants operating on the basis of solar and wind energy. There is no doubt that there is more potential. I am confident that the Renewable Energy 2022 Forum will become a worthy platform for dialogue on international cooperation and discussion of promising pilot projects in the field of renewable energy," said Pavel Snikkars, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

According to the results of summing up the results of the first comprehensive regional investment rating in the field of renewable energy of the Association for the Development of Renewable Energy, the Rostov Region has become an absolute leader in terms of the totality of indicators. Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region Igor Sorokin noted that the region will become a worthy venue for the international Forum "Renewable Energy" (ARWE 2022).

"The energy system of the Don region is one of the largest in the south of Russia. We have almost all types of power generation. Wind energy is a promising industry that provides the production of environmentally friendly electricity, the investment attractiveness of the region and taxes to budgets of all levels. Currently, the Rostov Region is in the first place in terms of installed wind generation capacity among the regions of the Russian Federation. By the end of this year, the planned total capacity of the Don wind farms will be 610 MW," Igor Sorokin said.

"Renewable energy is actively developing in our country. The volume of input capacity is growing every year, and last year it completely exceeded the volume of input of traditional generation. The technological base is developing, the supply of domestic renewable energy components for export is increasing. In 2022, the REA of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, together with Moscow State University, is launching a unique management training program with specialization in the field of renewable energy and new technologies in the energy sector, which will become an additional driver for the further development of the industry. To realize the full potential of the country in the field of alternative energy sources, it is necessary to exchange experience, best practices and best practices. Solving this

The tasks will undoubtedly be facilitated by the holding of the Renewable Energy Forum," commented Alexey Kulapin.

"It was repeatedly noted at the REN how important it is to reduce the carbon footprint both by increasing the absorption capacity of forests and by developing renewable energy sources. To involve the subjects of the Russian Federation in this urgent agenda, an international Forum "Renewable Energy" is needed. And there is no doubt that the task that is being formulated now is within the power of both governors and regional business. For my part, I will say that Roscongress will create all the necessary conditions not only for ARWE-2022 to take place, but also for it to become one of the key ones on the international renewable energy agenda," said Vladimir Zatynaiko, Project manager of the Roscongress Foundation.

"The International Forum as a large-scale event within the framework of the national climate agenda, which will be attended by more than 1,000 people, and speakers from more than 10 countries of the world will be presented as part of the business program, will form new opportunities for effective cooperation in the implementation of state and corporate strategies for low-carbon development. Although the Forum provides not only a business program. We are sure that residents of the Rostov Region and Russia will show great interest in the Forum," said Alexey Zhikharev, Director of the Renewable Energy Development Association.

The organizers of the ARWE - 2022 Forum are the Roscongress Foundation, the Association for the Development of Renewable Energy and the Government of the Rostov Region with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Russian Energy Agency".

According to the announced data, ARWE-2022 will bring together representatives of state authorities, entrepreneurs, and the interested part of the population on its site. The Forum will host an international exhibition of advanced technologies and equipment for the low-carbon economy, including renewable and hydrogen energy. One of the important directions of the Forum will be a visit to the renewable energy production facilities of the Rostov region.

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